Sunday, June 26, 2011

Official : Angry Birds Board Game 'Knock on Wood' Now Available!

We have been waiting for an Angry Birds board game for quite some time now. The gameplay on smartphones and tablets just seems like it would lend itself to a real-world game so well and our wish has finally been answered. Knock on Wood is the official Angry Birds board game and it’s available right now!
Build! Launch! Destroy! To get things going one player draws a mission card describing a structure to build. Once the structure is complete the opposing player(s) load a bird in the slingshot and try to knock the snickering green pigs and their rickety fortress out for good. 2-4 people can play and just like the app each mission card determines which birds, and how many, you get to launch at each structure.
If you can’t wait to take the Angry Birds and those annoying green pig off the screen and into the real world head over to ThinkGeek. Knock on Wood costs about 24 bucks, but we’re sure it will be entertaining. We just hope there are enough pieces to build a bunch of different structures and keep the fun going for a long time.

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