Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google Plus has key features of Facebook, Twitter: invite in abundance

Within a week its user base has crossed 10 million. Meanwhile experts are of the opinion that Google Plus combines key features of Facebook, Twitter. Now Google Plus invite seems to be in abundance

Google Plus is creating ripples on the Web. People who love to be connected with their friends online have warmly welcomed the new arrival in the social networking arena. Google Plus, which has been available on an invite-only option at the moment, is expected to get public version sooner. 

Those who joined Google Plus in its early days are indeed impressed about the social networking site from Google. Several people are of view that Google+ is a love child of Facebook and Twitter. The platform definitely merges key features of both Facebook and Twitter. 

Though remaining as an online leader in Web searching and advertising, Google has been trailing in social networking. The company’s previous social networking efforts such as Orkut, Wave and Buzz could not gain traction in online community. 

Google Plus has been touted by the company as a better platform for social networking. Several innovative features may make it a success. It is clear that the platform has borrowed many features from Facebook, the social networking giant with more than 600 members and Twitter, a microblogging behemoth. 

Google Plus’ multiple chatting options, white background, integration with YouTube and Picasa Web Album make the platform a cool social media product. 

Google also provides Plus’ status and notification bar in all its other online services. If you open Gmail, Google Calendars, YouTube or any other Google services, you can find Plus social networking widget in them. It is again a unique feature with the platform.

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