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The Avengers is a an upcoming superhero film. The film is a crossover of all the films independently produced by Marvel Studios set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely Iron Man (2008), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011) and Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).


When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster.

  •  Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  •  Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
  •  Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  •  Tom Hiddleston as Loki
  •  Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk
  •  Lou Ferrigno as the voice of The Hulk 
  •  Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  •  Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  •  Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
  •  Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill
  •  Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson
  •  Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd as Erik Selvig
  •  Paul Bettany as the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S.
  •  Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts
  •  Amanda Righetti as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
  •  Jenny Agutter as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Council Member
  • Stan Lee


The Avengers began filming in February of 2011[2]. It is being shot in Raleigh Studios.

HitFix reported that Edward Norton is not returning as Bruce Banner in the film and the studio will cast an unknown actor to play Bruce Banner. [4] The following day Kevin Fiege confirmed the report, though saying that a "name actor" would be replacing him rather than an unknown.

Norton later released a statement on Facebook:

 "As most of you know, I don't like to talk much about the business of making movies because it means a lot to me to protect the audience's fullest enjoyment of the 'magic' that films can have,. "But I am so appreciative of the outpouring of support from fans of the Hulk and The Avengers that I feel it would be rude not to respond. So there it goes: It seems it won't work out for me to continue playing Bruce Banner for Marvel in The Avengers. I sincerely hoped it could happen and be great for everyone but it hasn't turned out as we all hoped. "I know this is disappointing to many people and that makes me sad. But I am so grateful to Marvel for extending the offer and even more so for the chance to be part of the Hulk's long and excellent history. And I really can't thank the fans enough for how much enthusiasm you've sent my way... It means a lot to me. "I grew up with Banner and Hulk and have been a fan of every incarnation. I'm really proud, and very blessed, to have been one of them and will be thrilled to see him live on through other actors. Hulk is bigger than all of us, that's why we love him, right?"

Sincerely, Edward Norton "

    ―Edward Norton's comment on Facebook

  • Joe Carnahan was in talks to direct the film before Joss Whedon got the job.
  • Edward Norton was originally set to reprise his role from The Incredible Hulk (2008) but negotiations between him and Marvel Studios broke down. Norton was replaced with Mark Ruffalo.
  •  Jeremy Renner was said to be taking archery lessons for his role as Hawkeye.
  •  The film will be the first Marvel film to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.
  •  Before Mark Ruffalo was cast as The Hulk, Joaquin Phoenix was rumored for the part.
  •  Morena Baccarin, Jessica Lucas, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Cobie Smulders screen tested for the role of Agent Maria Hill. Smulders was eventually cast.
  •  Lou Ferrigno returns as the voice of the CGI made Incredible Hulk whom he first portrayed in 1977.
  •  The movie is thought to take place in New York City, as NYC buses and cabs are shown during the trailer.
  •  Chris Hemsworth had to increase and expand his dietary/food intake in order to maintain the physique he built up for Thor.
  •  Mark Ruffalo describes Bruce Banner's role in The Avengers as "a guy struggling with two sides of himself, the dark and the light; everything he does in his life is filtered through issues of control." He furthermore describes Banner's alter ego the Hulk as "a loose cannon - he's the teammate none of them are sure they want, it's like throwing a grenade into the middle of the group and hoping it turns out well!"
  • Mark Ruffalo is personally going to portray the Hulk through virtual-camera motion-capture, which allows him to actually portray the Hulk. Previous live-action versions have had Bruce Banner and the Hulk be played by separate people (Bill Bixby and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno), or had the Hulk rendered into the film in computer-generated imagery.
  • Director Joss Whedon had earlier been considered to direct X-Men in the 1990s. A big fan of the X-Men, he even wrote a script, from which only two lines made it into the film.
  • Producer Kevin Feige compares the film to Transformers: Dark of the Moon: "It set a standard for that level of ZOMG-awesomeness and scale. We're working to try to outdo that."
  • Mark Ruffalo states it was an honour to take over as Bruce Banner from his friend Edward Norton: "Ed has bequeathed this part to me, I look at it as my generation's Hamlet."
  • The Science and Entertainment Exchange provided a science consultation for the film. 
  • According to Joss Whedon, the film is strongly influenced by the early 1960s Avengers comics, which he was a fan of while growing up: "In those comics these people shouldn't be in the same room let alone on the same team - and that is the definition of family."
  • Tom Hiddleston spoke of his role as Loki in an interview by saying, "I can tell you that it's all of them against me. I am the super villain. So it's Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury forming a team because I've got so bad ass."
  • In the preview, Robert Downey Jr.'s character of Tony Stark can be seen wearing a Black Sabbath T-Shirt. Black Sabbath performed the unrelated single "Iron Man" which is on the soundtrack from the first Iron Man movie.
  • Has an unusually high number of Academy Award nominees in the cast for a comic book movie - or most movies for that matter: Robert Downey Jr.; Samuel L. Jackson; Jeremy Renner; and Mark Ruffalo. 
  • However, it still falls short of the five in Iron Man 2: Downey Jr.; Jackson; Gwyneth Paltrow; Mickey Rourke; and Don Cheadle.
  • The cast became good friends while filming so if all the actors happened to be filming scenes together in the same place, they would go out together after. Chris Evans once sent a text message to Clark Gregg simply saying "Assemble", which is the tagline for the movie. Gregg stated that this was his favorite text message ever sent to him.
  • Tom Hiddleston describes Loki in this film as having evolved since Thor: "How pleasant an experience is it to disappear into a wormhole that was created by some super-nuclear explosion of his own making? I think by the time Loki shows up he's seen a few things and has bigger things in mind than just his brother and Asgard..."
  • Actors Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson share the birthday November 22.
  • Despite the fact that the studio had no involvement in producing the film, neither in marketing or distributing, the Paramount Pictures logo still appears in advertising. Despite Disney buying the distribution of Marvel films from Paramount (as Marvel is a Disney company), the latter studio will still receive partial box-office royalties for these projects.
Superbowl Sunday’s usual run of breakout commercials didn’t disappoint, as the floodgates to the Marvel Comics universe continued to pour forth adaptations and sequels to our favorite comic book superheroes, antiheroes, and downright gods. Marvel’s The Avengers 2012 trailer showcases the eponymous members of the comic-book company’s foremost team (although The X-Men might have something to say about that), many of whom have had their own movies, with varying levels of success.

In The Avengers trailer, we can see that Robert Downey Jr. is reprising his role as the ultra-successful Iron Man character (the earnings of both movies Iron Man and Iron Man 2 nearly quadrupled their respective budgets), the suit-of-battle-armor invented by billionaire industrialist Tony Stark. Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is thankfully back as the Mighty Thor, fresh off his own box-office hit, which more than tripled its budget in earnings. These two most powerful (constant) Avengers would ordinarily be expected to be able to handle just about any earthly threat whatsoever, so the fact that the 2nd Avengers trailer shows us the remaining crew of heroes resolutely affirms the unearthly threat seen in the first trailer, in the form of the god Loki, who is Thor’s half-brother. Although the most powerful member – arguably – of the Avengers is seen slapping bad guys into oblivion, the Incredible Hulk has always been at best a part-time employee (as seen in the first trailer, the Incredible Hulk is played by actor Mark Ruffalo, after Edward Norton unceremoniously bowed out). From the rousing last scene of the 2nd Avengers trailer, the villain Loki may wish the Hulk, as a character, had bowed out altogether.

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Micromax's 10-inch tablet coming this quarter

Micromax is going to come up with its 10-inch tablet later this quarter, said Micromax executives speaking on the sidelines of Micromax's Funbook tablet launch event.

The company, which has launched its first tablet on Tuesday, said that the next in its tablet portfolio is a 10-inch tablet.
Its first ever tablet Funbook runs Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system. The device features a 7-inch (17.78 cm) multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, which has a resolution of 800x480 pixels. Priced at Rs 6,499, it comes engineered with a 1.22GHz Cortex A8 processor.

Micromax's entry into the market has opened a new front in the tablet wars. The company known for its low priced products has witnessed fast growth in its mobile phone business and expects to replicate the success in its tablet initiatives.
Coming from Micromax, the upcoming 10-inch tablet is expected to be competitively priced. Micromax did not reveal any further details.

Micromax tablet images

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Runako Morton dead, west indies player morton, cricket player morton dies in car accident, west indies cricketer morton died

 WI cricketer Runako Morton dies in car accident

Runako Morton was a middle order batsman for West Indies. He is reported to have died in a car crash

Unconfirmed reports say that former West Indies middle order batsman Runako Morton passed away on 4th March 2012. He is reported to have died in a car crash. Morton, aged 33, last played for West Indies in a T20 match against Australia on February 23rd 2010.

Morton made his debut for West Indies against Pakistan in 2002 and went on to play 56 ODIs and 15 Tests. He has a couple of ODI centuries to his name and is remembered for his aggressive batting style. 

England batting star Kevin Pietersen also tweeted "My thoughts go out to Runako Morton's family this morning... Such sad news!! What a lovely guy & fierce competitor!! RIP bossman!!!".

South African bowling ace Dale Steyn has tweeted that he was saddened to hear the tragic demise of Runako Morton and has expressed his condolences to Morton's family.

Wavell Hinds, former West Indies cricketer and Morton's close friend tweeted " Gone far too soon brother Runako. I will treasure the great memories for sure. R.I.P. God knows best."

Morton had represented Leeward Islands and Trinidad and Tobago in the domestic circuit. Chris Gayle, who was the captain of West Indies in the last T20 and ODI played by Morton, expressed his condolences on a social networking site.

"We lost a True Warrior W.I Cricketer Runako Morton-May is soul rest in peace! Our memories together Live On!-My Condolences to his Family", Gayle said.

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Samsung Galaxy Beam: play smartphone games on a 50in screen

The latest Samsung Galaxy model comes with a built in HD projector, allowing you to project photos, video and games on to any surface

Samsung Galaxy Beam. Why play smartphone games on the small screen, when you can play them on your bedroom wall?

The internal project, located at the top of the device, makes use of a 640 x 360 resolution with a 15 lumen brightness and able to project an image that can be up to 50 inches wide. The projector will come in particularly handy for those who wish to share images or videos with friends or family, work based information with colleagues in a meeting or even just play your favorite game in 50 glorious inches instead of the built in 4 inch display. The handset itself is a stunning 12.5mm thick giving it the title of the world’s thinnest projector phone, although to be fair, it doesn’t really have a great deal of competition on that front.

Samsung have done a great job of managing to house the all important projector in a manner which doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of the phone and actually manages to remain attractive in appearance. However, Engadget notes that the project doesn’t feature any recess around it and therefore could be a bit of a fingerprint magnet, so be prepared to wipe it clean before you start to beam those images around the office.

The device will come with a decent 8GB of internal storage which should allow plenty of images and videos to be stored, allowing good use of the projector. It will also come shipped with Android 2.3 but as yet we have no official details of when the Galaxy Beam will be available to the world. From the released images of the Beam, it actually looks like a very accomplished smartphone and we are definitely looking forward to checking this one out in person.

It's the Mobile World Congress this week, which means we'll be innundated with new smartphone annoucements over the next few days. You can check out our live coverage here, but for now my favourite revelation from the pre-show press conferences is the new Samsung Galaxy Beam handset, which can project photos, videos games and other digital content onto any wall, via its built in projector.

According to Samsung, the device will chuck out a crisp HD image up to 50in wide – and is even bright enough to work outside. The 15 lumens projector is accompanies by a special app to make it easier for users to select compatible files from the 8GB of internal memory on the handset.

Watch youtube Video of galaxy beam

Even with the projector built in, the phone is a respectable 12.5mm thick and 145.3 grams. It's a little chunkier than many of its rivals, of course – but can they put Angry Birds on your living room wall? No, they cannot.

Interestingly, Samsung has specifically highlighted the gaming possibilities of its new phone, which runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and has a 1.0GHz dual-core processor. It will no doubt be possible to try any Android game via projection, though Samsung has pointed to the "1000s" of titles available via its own Game Hub service.

I'm not sure how practical this will be, given that you'll need the phone to be steadily positioned to project an image, ruling out any accelerometer-based controls. However, simple touch games may well work – or gamers could employ one of the several Bluetooth joypads compatible with Android devices.

"The Samsung Galaxy Beam gives people freedom to share what's important to them instantly with friends and family," said Simon Stanford of Samsung's Telecommunications and Networks division. "With the Galaxy Beam, people can share content from their smartphone with people around them, using it like a pocket projector to create shared experiences – whether that's watching movies, sharing holiday snaps or a spontaneous presentation."

So alongside projected smartphone gaming – an intriguing proposition – it looks like the dreaded era of the holiday snaps slide show might well be making a nightmarish return. Ah well, you have to take the rough with the smooth where technology is concerned.

Do you remember the Samsung Beam? We know you don't. Announced in 2010, it was Samsung's phone with built-in projector. But it was bulky and it launched in just a few countries. So it wasn't really a success.

Fast forward to 2012. Here we have the new Samsung Galaxy Beam. The second generation projector-phone is way more pretty. And better. Although it is not skinny, it is pretty normally sized (it is half inch/12mm thick), considering its 4" screen (480x800 resolution).

The projector (the key feature) is also improved, and now it has 15 lumens output, compared to 9 lumens for the predecessor. To explain the difference, in a dark room, the new model can display decent picture size up to 50 inches - and the quality is absolutely usable. You can of course make it bigger, but at the cost of the image quality (brightness/contrast). So 50" is quite fine. Resolution is not HD though, but nHD - 640x360. So forget about high-definition home theater with the phone used for the projector. Still, it has good results for movies or presentations on the go.

Its phone specs are decent as well. The screen and the 5-megapixel camera with 720p video may be mid-range nowadays, but we can't blame it. It is a projector-phone, not your next high-end phone. It is a quad-band GSM with dual-band European HSDPA device. Samsung noted that this one is expected to launch in many markets, unlike its predecessor. Still, we don't see it going mainstream, at least not at this moment. And there is no information on a U.S. version.

So tell us guys, do you want to have a projector in your phone and will you consider buying such a handset?

Considering that Samsung have been experiencing a little bit of ridicule recently thanks to the release of the monstrous Galaxy Note, which by the way features a stylus, they could do with introducing something publicly appealing at this years Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. The Korean company was widely predicted to be all quiet on the new product front at MWC due to the fact that they don’t have any official press events planned and that they actually pulled out on launching the Galaxy S3 at the event in favor of delaying for a more worldwide universal launch.

However, they have managed to shock us by introducing the Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone which is a refreshed version of the original projector based handset but with the latest version packing some serious specification upgrades. The Galaxy Beam is able to boast a very decent specification packed into a 4-inch WVGA display. The internals of the phone host a dual-core ST-Ericsson Cortex A9 processor with 768MB of RAM which doesn’t represent a ground breaking device, but at the end of the day the device will be judged on its main feature – the built in projector.

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Chrome for Android Mobile | Android Mobile Browser | Chrome for Android | Android Market Chrome Browser | Latest Android Mobile Browser | Fast, Speed, Less Time Download Chrome Browser from Android Market

Android Apps › Communication › Chrome Beta, Google Inc.

Google accelerates Android browser updates with mobile Chrome - Google's launch today of Chrome for Android may be a move to accelerate the pace of browser updates, an analyst said.

"Google's playing catch-up here," said Al Hilwa of IDC. "Although both the stock Android and Chrome browsers are WebKit-derived, [the former] is fundamentally behind the times compared to what others, like Microsoft with IE9 on Metro, are doing. The stock Android browser needs much more hardware acceleration, for example, and better support for HTML5."
Google can get those advanced features into Android users hands faster with Chrome, said Hilwa, because the new browser -- currently offered as a beta -- is essentially the same browser as the desktop edition that Google updates every six-to-eight weeks.

Shifting to Chrome and its faster-paced release schedule sidesteps the less-frequent system updates that Google now offers Android users to freshen the stock Android browser. Chrome on Android is an app available on the Android Market, and so uses that e-store's built-in update mechanism.
In the months since Google last updated Android -- and the Android browser -- to version 4.0 last October, the company has shipped Chrome 15 and Chrome 16 to its "stable" channel of Chrome for the desktop, and many more interim security updates. If Google keeps to its typical pace, it will ship Chrome 17 within the next week or so.

Average rating : 4.3/5
To Download Chrome for Android Mobile Browser, go to >

Chrome also gives Google a credible rival to the third-party browsers that now crowd the Market, including those from Opera Software and Mozilla. According to Web metrics company Net Applications, the Android stock browser accounted for 18% of all browsers run on mobile devices last month, Opera Mini, which does not run on Apple's iOS, had a 20% share. Version 4.0 of the Android browser, which debuted alongside Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, in mid-October, 2011, accounted for nearly all of Google's share.

Even though Chrome for Android requires Ice Cream Sandwich -- that version of the OS powers a minute 1% of all Android devices now in use -- Google has big plans for the browser.
"Right now, our focus is on making Chrome for Android Beta available to Android 4.0 phone/tablet users to gather initial feedback.... [But] our long-term plan is for Chrome to become the standard browser on Android 4.0 and above," said a Google spokeswoman in an email reply to questions Tuesday.
IDC's Hilwa also applauded other features of Chrome on Android, including synchronization of that browser with desktop editions running on, say, notebook and desktops. "[Synchronization] is an important feature, and this is definitely a sign of things to come on how Android owners will use multiple devices," said Hilwa.

Content from Android Market site:
The speed and simplicity of Chrome, now on your Android phone and tablet. Browse fast on your Android smartphone or tablet, and bring your personalized Chrome experience with you anywhere you go.

Chrome for Android is available, initially in Beta, on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

To check if it is available in your country, please visit:

Features :
- Browse fast with accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming
- Search and navigate directly from the omnibox
- Open and switch between unlimited tabs in an easy-to-view stack
- Sign in to Chrome to sync your bookmarks and view tabs you have open on your computer
- Send pages from desktop Chrome to your smartphone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even if you’re offline
- Browse privately in Incognito mode

APP RATING:4.5/5 (2,005)
UPDATED:February 7, 2012
CURRENT VERSION:0.16.4130.199
INSTALLS:50,000 - 100,000. last 30 days

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HD Live Streaming Cricket Online. IPL 5 2012, Live IPL Match Streaming | Live Sports Streaming

IPL 5 2012 HD High Quality Live Cricket Streaming, IPL 5 2012, KKR, KXIP, MI, RCB, CSK, DC, DD, Watch Live Streaming of sports like cricket

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Maruthi Ertiga, Price of Ertiga, Maruthi Ertiga 2012, Ertiga Test Drive, Maruti Ertiga, Price of Ertiga, Maruti Ertiga 2012, Ertiga Test Drive, 11th Auto Expo 2012 - The Complete Automotive Show, Delhi India. New Launches Auto Expo Cars 2012

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Launched

Priced between Rs 5.89 lakh to Rs 8.45 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) the new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga has essentially opened doors to a parched premium people carrier segment in the country, and from the looks of it, it's hit the nail right on the head.

It’s probably the most searched passenger vehicle on Google in the country at the moment, and not without reason. The Ertiga, besides being a Maruti Suzuki product, a brand that continues to outsell the growing competition, has been quite a few years in the making and for those who got a touch and feel of the production-ready vehicle at this year’s Auto Expo, price and not the product itself lies as the final consideration.

Well that wait is finally over, and MSIL have finally announced the availability of the MPV for the Indian masses in six variants starting from a price of Rs 5.89 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) for the base Lxi Petrol version all the way up to Rs 8.45 lakh for the fully equipped Diesel model.

Yes, the new Ertiga will offer you a choice of both petrol and diesel models. A brand-new 1.4-litre VVT petrol engine which turned out to be quite a revelation on a recent test drive (Read : First Drive) in Goa, is capable of making 95PS @ 6000rpm and a rather decent 130Nm of torque @ 4000rpm. The diesel on the other hand, is the tried-and-tested, state-of-the-art 1.3 DDiS diesel unit fitted with a turbocharger and churns out 90PS @ 4000 rpm and a solid 200Nm of torque @ 1750 rpm. Both models are mated to a five-speed gearbox, and from what we experienced makes for a great drive both in the city and along the highways.

The high-end variants of this 5+2 seater from Maruti Suzuki get best in class comfort features like electronic power steering, power windows, steering-mounted audio controls, a high-end stereo system with AUX/USB in, electronically adjustable ORVMs, air conditioning and heating with blowers for the second row of seats as well and safety features such as ABS, EBD and two front airbags being offered as standard on this vehicle.

One of the stand out features in this MPV has to be its adjustable second and third row of seats which can easily be retracted or turned upright as and when required. The third row, which can comfortably seat two full sized adults is essentially your boot and when made flat provides sufficient room for basic luggage and storage equipment.

The new Ertiga (Read : Special Coverage) as we see it has tremendous potential owing to its unique seat adjustment configurations, comfort features, compact design and affordable pricing as compared to the current competition, which very naturally would be larger vehicles the likes of the Toyota Innova and the Mahindra Xylo. Complete variant wise pricing of the new Ertiga is listed below.

LXi - 5.89 lakh
VXi - 6.60 lakh
ZXi - 7.30 lakh


LDi - 7.30 lakh
VDi - 7.90 lakh
ZDi- 8.45 lakh

* All prices are ex-showroom Delhi

Auto Expo 2012 Delhi, Auto Expo New Launches 7th January 2012, Auto Expo 2012 Delhi : India, Auto Expo Cars 2012, Auto Expo 2012: New launches to dazzle visitors
content from : zigwheels, timesofindia & economic times

A prestigious launchpad for the biggest names in the business, Auto Expo 2012 features sports cars, concept vehicles, custom bikes and more. Amitabh Bachchan, John Abraham and Katrina Kaif lent starpower to horsepower at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

With the world economy in the middle of a slump, the big boys of the auto industry are
making a beeline for India, including British cult bikemaker Triumph and the iconic BMW

The first day of the Delhi Auto Expo saw a host of showstoppers hog the limelight and wow audiences as major brands set foot in India, many looking to crack the code in one of the world's most promising markets. Joining the gleaming metal beauties were stars from the film world, adding glam quotient to the show that runs for the next six days.

MINI, one of the world's most iconic car brand, finally set foot in India, joining rivals like Volkswagen Beetle and Fiat500. BMW made light of the brand's late entry, saying that the MINI's strong branding will make it a success here too. "As one of the world's top growth markets , India is a great place to continue accelerating MINI's global momentum . We are sure MINI fans in India are as excited as we are," Kay Segler, Sr VP for the MINI Brand Management, said.

The brand will be present through the MINI (MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S), MINI Cooper Convertible and MINI Cooper S Countryman , and its price will start at Rs 24.9 lakh
(ex-showroom ).

This year's Auto Expo will see 32 car launches. Of these, 8 will be global launches - cars that will be showcased for the first time anywhere across the world. First-time participants like Ferrari and Peugeot would look to leave an impression while existing players would seek to bolster their line-up with new models for India as well as the world. ZigWheels gives you the details on what cars to look out for at arguably Asia's biggest motor show.

Renault showcase plans
After the recent launches in the form of the D-segment Fluence and the Koleos SUV, Renault also unveiled its small car for the Indian market, the Pulse back in October. But now with the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 just round the corner, the company is all set to launch their compact SUV, the Duster showing great resolve in sticking to its strategy for India.

The Duster, which Renault will launch in India is an SUV that was originally developed by Renault’s Romanian subsidiary, Dacia. The expected price for India will range between Rs. 7 to 9 lakh.

The Duster will face strong competition from Mahindra Scorpio which has been priced at Rs. 7.59 to 12.40 lakh and Tata Motors Sumo Grande at Rs. 7.30 to 8.39 lakh.

The Czech carmaker's ambitious new sedan MissionL and a compact hatchback based on the Volkswagen Up! will be on focus Skoda is looking to step up its game in India with a bunch of new cars for India. Foremost among them is the MissionL. Inspired from the VisionD concept, the MissionL concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Skoda is now ready with a production-ready model that will be showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012. The compact sedan will don a different look and spec depending on the market it’s sold in. So Indians would drive the four-door avatar (as against the liftback version for European and Russian markets).

The MissionL will straddle Skoda’s Fabia and Laura models, giving the Czech carmaker the ammo it needs to slug it out in the fiercely battled midsize sedan segment. Details regarding its features are still sketchy, but two engines could be on offer: 1.6-litre petrol and diesel units borrowed from its cousin, Volkswagen Vento. In fact, the MissionL may just end up competing with the Vento if Skoda prices it in the Rs. 8 lakh – Rs. 10 lakh bracket.

After several false starts, Tata Motors may finally lift the wraps off the Nano diesel, or will they? Tata Motors’ stand at the Auto Expo may turn out to be the busiest. No, not because they’re bringing skimpily-clad models to pose with their cars. Rather, the spotlight will be on a model that’s arguably the most important car launch of 2012: the Nano diesel, which Tata Motors may unveil at the Expo.

The Nano diesel was first rumoured to launch in September but refinement issues probably led Tata Motors to postpone the rollout. While it isn’t expected to look any different from its recently upgraded petrol sibling, the big change will come in the form of a new two-cylinder, 800 cc common rail diesel engine. Developed in partnership with Bosch, the diesel engine will produce 39 PS – around 4 PS more than the petrol Nano, and deliver an estimated 40 kmpl, making it the most fuel-efficient car in the market. We’ll have to wait and see what pricing strategy Tata Motors adopts though we estimate the Nano diesel to cost 15-20% more than the petrol Nano.

Hyundai India will be showcasing some significant India-bound cars at the Delhi Auto Expo. Here are the highlights that will be on display at the Hyundai's stall India’s second largest car maker Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) will be making its presence in the upcoming 2012 Delhi Auto Expo with the global premier of its concept compact MPV, the HND-7. The significance of Hyundai unveiling the HND-7 concept in the Delhi Auto Expo is all the more with Maruti Suzuki planning to showcase its production-ready seven-seater Ertiga MPV.

Back in 2008 Hyundai had also showcased their Veloster concept car. At the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, Hyundai will showcase a three-door version of the Veloster which is a radical take on a utility coupe. Considering mainstream car makers like Ford and Maruti Suzuki are planning on launching compact Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) in India backed by tremendous market potential, it won’t come as a surprise to see Hyundai launch a five-door version of the Veloster in the country. The Veloster comes with Hyundai's new BlueLink system with automatic crash notifications, vehicle diagnostics, etc. The Veloster comes with a 1.6-litre petrol engine with three varying power outputs. The base model develops 130 PS of power, the middle of the line with direct injection puts out 140PS while the top of the line gets a turbocharger to peg output at 211PS of power.