Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lumia 900, Latest NOKIA LUMIA 800, Preview lumia 800(Lumia 900), Upcoming Nokia Windows Mobile

Even more details have become known on the upcoming Nokia Ace (Lumia 900) for AT&T Wireless - less than a week after we came across leaked photos of the smartphone tucked into a Christmas card.

This time, the specs of the upcoming Finnish flagship are almost fully revealed along with a mockup photo, based on the leaked images from a couple of days ago.

The Nokia Ace will indeed be sold globally as Lumia 900. The smartphone will pack a 1.4GHz Scorpion CPU and 512MB of RAM. The display of the handset is expected to be in the 4.3" vicinity, while the battery is rumored to have 1830mAh capacity. The phone is also expected to pack T-Mobile's 1700 MHz 3G band. It will be sold locked for AT&T though.

The Nokia Ace will weigh 160 grams, while having similar thickness as the Lumia 800 at 12mm.

The Windows Phone Mango running Nokia flagship is expected to hit the shelves at some point in March. Rumor has it that it will be unveiled at CES next week, along with another mid-range Nokia smartphone, featuring Microsoft's OS (Lumia 719).
As you probably know already, we will be covering live from Las Vegas, so expect a timely update on the Nokia Ace as soon as we get the full scoop.
Nokia Ace, HTC Radiant, Samsung Mendel coming to AT&T early 2012. If you’re interested in your Windows Phone cellular operating system, but hanging around for LTE 4G devices for the platform, you may not ought to wait much longer.
Microsoft’s first round of LTE-equipped Glass windows Phone devices will probably be headed to AT&T in the first half of Next year, reports WinSupersite’s Paul Thurrott.
The actual phones, which include the particular Nokia ACE, The new htc Radiant, and Straight talk Mendel, will debut in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month. The particular ACE is apparently slated for release with March 18, Next year, and it’s likely a good LTE version of the Lumia 800, which we described both AT&T and Verizon wireless were testing.
The particular devices will operate a version of Windows Phone that facilitates LTE, but doesn’t include the Tango update (which is rumored to help land in the middle of Next year), the Verge reports.
Windows Phone required LTE support yesterday, and so it’s good to see in which plans are already moving for some flagship LTE devices. Still, Microsoft may have a hard time drumming up exhilaration for its first LTE array at CES next year, whenever Verizon pretty much stole the show which consists of LTE debut this year. Apparently, yet again, Microsoft can be playing catch-up with Microsoft windows Phone.


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